• 125,00zł

    ProBalance LR - Supports your Body! ProBalance LR helps to balance your natural acid-base.

  • 145,00zł

    Cistus Incanus Spray by LR - the power of the rock roses. Perfect as the first defence when on the go.

  • 69,90zł

    Cistus Incanus Tea by LR - the power of the rock rose. Cistus Incanus, the grey haired rockrose, is one of the richest polyphenol enriched in Europe. The immensely diverse phenol connections make this plant so invaluable for the human organisms.

  • 139,00zł

    Reishi Plus LR - supports your vitality. Known from the Asia tradition and referred to as Reishi (jap.) a valuable of polisaccharide, triterpene, trace elements, beta-glucan, amino acids, vitamins and mineral compounds. The capsule contains reishi- extract and powder.

  • 145,00zł

    Colostrum Direct by LR - supplement with Colostrum: fantastic invention from nature. With the first milk following birth the calf receives their enitre immunisation protection rich in immunoglobolinen, amino acids and growth factors. The first mother's milk is especially rich and valuable im immunglobolinen within the first 12 hours of birth.

  • 75,90zł

    VitaActiv by LR: Reliable support with 10 vitamins. Just a teaspoon meets your daily requirements ( RDA ) of important vitamins 100%.

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    MASTER MIND is the first product on the market for stress and performance. MASTER MIND - less stress and more energy. It neutralizes stress. It contains vitamins and iron.

  • 119,00zł

    Aloe Vera Sivera by LR with stinging nettle extract. The stinging nettle is a natural deliver of silicum, the support element for tissues and the vascular wall.  

  • 79,90zł

    Figuactiv LR Diet Herbal Tea: ideal on little hunger! The mixture of our Figuactiv LR diet herbal tea is an ideal addition to your diet. It helps dampen feelings of hunger.

  • 139,00zł

    FiguActiv Soup LR- lose weight pleasurably Each portion replaces a full meal.

  • 139,00zł

    Shake Figuactive Strawberry-Banana LR Delicious and healthy for a dream figure! The Shakes are a replacement for a Full meal and provide a long lasting feeling of fullness. Replace two meals a day with figuactiv and have a balanced low-fat meal for your third meal Two tins will give your balance and energy for one month